Our 160 acre farm is home to our hog operation.  We believe in the open pasture method to provide a natural environment for our hogs.  The hogs can root freely in the soil for the natural nutrients they need and graze either planted wheat, hay grazer, coastal, or just the native vegetation.  They are only fed antibiotic and growth hormone free feed.  Only the pigs with the most ideal  body conformation are selected for show pigs or breeding stock. All the other pigs are placed in the feed lot where they will be fed natural antibiotic and growth hormone free feed and sold to customers who value natural meat.


This sow and her litter of pigs are sheltered in the small hut in the background, but they are free to exercise and graze on the natural vegetation in the open pen.


These replacement Spot, Poland, and Berk gilts are sheltered under the pecan trees in the tank pasture. They can root in the sand to cool off, and graze the available grass while being fed antibiotic-free and hormone-free feed.


These Spot, Poland, Berk, and Crossbred pigs have been weaned and grouped together by size in this large open pen. They have the shelter of the open shed and they are fed antibiotic-free and hormone-free feed in the shelf feeders.