side view of Kelly Ram

Kelly 646 ram

The Dorper Breed of sheep, now the second most common bred in Arica, was developed in the 1930s and refined in the 1940s by the Department of Agriculture of South Africa. Their goal was to develop a fast growing lamb with a quality carcass which was produced by a ewe that could breed during a longer season and thrive in areas with little rainfall and scarce grass. They mated the Dorset Horn Ram, a bred known to have a longer breeding season, to Blackhead Persian Ewes because the Persian breed performed well under harsh environmental conditions. The result was a hair sheep (not wool) which sheds its hair in the warm season so no shearing expense is incurred.

Caraway Farms has raised Dorpers since 2011 and now have a flock of 300 ewes. We continue to improve our blood line with the purchase of the Kelly 646 Ram (Son of Whiteout) purchased from Mike Kelly. Kelly 646 has been bred to a small select flock of ewes to produce show lambs (wethers) and replacement ewes and rams. Caraway Farms will continue to maintain a commercial flock of ewes which will be bred to our rams purchased from Alan McAnelly of Hamilton Sheep Station. This breeding program will produce quality market lambs.