****Texas Bred Show Pigs****

Because I run about 60 sows and farrow year round, I have the same quality show pigs for April, May, and June Stock Shows.

Do you need any replacement show pigs?  I still have some July, August, September, and October born show pigs which I will feed out to top hogs and market myself.  These could be very competitive in January county shows, or  Houston, San Antonio, or Austin Shock Shows in the hands of good feeders because my quality runs deep (see the history of winners).  

If you need, a registered gilt for your show program, I am a registered breeder of Spots, Polands, and Berks so my litters are subject to registration.  I provide a Texas Bred Certificate free upon your request  for any barrow pig you purchase.

Dorper Wether Show Lambs — I have a pen of 25 really good weaned wether lambs sired by Kelly 646 Ram of the Whiteout blood line.  The Kelly Ram 646 sired some high placing lambs in the 2015 show season before I bought him so I am very excited about his lamb crop.

For an appointment at the farm (10 miles South of Eastland, Texas), please  call: Bo Caraway (254) 639-2545 or Pat Caraway (214) 674-5700.  You can also reach us at



2014 Shackelford County Grand Champion BOPB shown by Autumn Owens

2014 San Angelo 2nd Place Poland Gilt shown by Wesley Sutton

2014 San Angelo
2nd Place Poland Gilt
shown by Wesley Sutton

Wyatt Porter's Champion Spot Breeding Gilt at the Mills county stock show Champion OPB

2014 Mills County Champion Spot – Breeding Gilt (Semen Sales) shown by Wyatt Porter

Our largest offering of show pigs will be for those pigs born in July, August, and September. However, smaller selections will be available throughout the year.

We strive to produce quality show pigs that are competitive in the show ring at a price you can afford and that keeps us in business. Thank you for your support of our breeding program!